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I've been a little mia recently so many apologies for that, life basically just got in the way and I couldn't really be bothered with my blog, but recently I've been really wanting to get back into the swing of things, so here we go! 
If there is one beauty box I'll always go back to, its the Latest In Beauty boxes. They aren't subscription boxes, and are usually a fair bit pricier than normal beauty boxes. This one cost about £16.95, and it is definitely more than worth the money that you pay. 
This box is packed full of lovely bits that are perfect for the summer months, the two things I was most excited about were the Nails Inc nail polish and the Eucerin Sun protector. 
This was one of the first things I saw in the box, I was fairly intrigued by them and the designs are absolutely stunning! If I was going to a festival this year I'd be putting a fair few of these on, I'll probably put one or two on when I go to Bulgaria or if Glasgow is blessed with a hot day or two. 
Next up is the Vita Liberata Luxury Tan Bronzer, this comes with a little brush to go along with it. The bronzer is a first of its kind - its a self tanning bronzer! Your face gets more tanned as you use it! A lovely natural looking tan will develop when you wear it and will last for upwards of 5 days. I can't wait to give this a try and see how it works with my skin. 
My absolute favourite item in this box has to be this stunning Nails Inc Gel Effect polish. One coat gives more than enough colour to the nails, but a second coat never hurt anybody. 
The Bourjois Lip crayons are amazing and recently I've been moving away from reds, I'll be interested to see how this colour suits me. They have two other new colours, a mauve looking shade and an orange looking one. 
I have incredibly pale skin, and this year I'm finally going abroad and I'm going to need some serious sun protection. SPF 50 is certainly going to be enough for me, could maybe even do with a plus factor. Lucky for me I've already got a factor 50+! 
I've wanted to get my hands of the Pixi Glow Tonic for the longest time, so this having a little sample of it in the box is brilliant for me. Hopefully this will do wonders for my skin, making it look and feel better in no time! 
The Claudalie Divine Oil looks like it could be really good, you can use it on your hair, face and body. Apparently it can also make for a heavenly bath by adding a few drops to the tub. My hair is feeling pretty crappy just now though so hopefully this can sort it out a bit. 
Recently my hairs been feeling so oily but so dry at the same time, and I'm just about up for trying anything to give it a better condition. This shampoo and conditioner hopefully can fix something with my locks. 
Body scrubs are my favourite things to try. They are fairly hit or miss though, some are not harsh enough and others leave a horrible oily residue on my skin. I'm feeling like this one might be a good one! 

Have you tried any of these products before? 

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