Queen Helena Mint Julep Face Masque | Review

A fair while ago I decided to buy both the peel off mask and this one, and I've fallen in love a little with this one since buying it. My all time favourite mask is Lush's Mask of Magnanimity, the Queen Helena Mint Julep Face Masque seriously rivals it, its pretty much guaranteed that if you liked the Lush one then you'll feel the same way about this one. And of course the Queen Helena one is available for a fair bit cheaper than the Lush one when you pick it up from Amazon.
Oily skins will love this, although thats not to say that if you've a dry skin that you couldn't use this - after all this mask is perfect for spots and blackheads, essentially just clogged pores. I'd just make sure if you've a dry skin type that you make sure you're using a very good moisturiser afterwards.
Us oily skin gals, its like a dream for us! It really sucks up excess oil and helps keep the skin from looking shiny throughout the day. It helps with clearing the horrible blackheads on the skin and helps to heal spots before they get horrible and angry. 
On top of all this, you will notice your skin feeling incredibly clean after you've used this mask. Major plus points for it. Obviously it doesn't get rid of all your blackheads, because at the end of the day I don't think I'll ever manage to get rid of all of them. Sigh. 
All in all though, this is a brilliant mask and for the price its more than worth it! 
What mask is your favourite? 

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