Ray-ban Erica's | My Favourite Sunnies

I've been incredibly lucky in the past, and actually won these Ray-Bans. I was literally over the moon when I found out I'd nabbed these bad boys awhile back. Recently though I've been getting much more use out of them due to the sun finally showing its face in Scotland, I'd actually wanted to treat myself to a pair of Aviators but they didn't suit my face and the lovely girl at the Sunglass Hut suggested the Ericas to me, lucky I already owned them innit? 

I love everything about these sunglasses, from the colour of them to the shape of them to the way they suit my face. For me these are just the most perfect sunglasses I've ever owned. 
For sunglasses they obviously are a little more expensive but they feel expensive and are 100% worth the money you pay for them. 

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