Small Boots Haul

I went and spent some Boots points the other day, so here is the results of my little spree. 
I really only went in with the idea of getting a pale coloured nail polish - preferably a grey one. I definitely didn't plan to get most of this. 
I noticed these new blushers from Collection that looked pretty cool so I decided to get one of them, if they are good then I'll be sure to get more. They claim to be mistake proof, and I suck so badly at blusher so we'll soon see if they live up to their claims. 
The only things I planned on getting were these nail polishes, the colours look so lovely on and I've decided the Rimmel Rita Ora one is my new favourite (its in the shade Rain Rain Go Away). Its just such a lovely pale grey purple shade. The Barry M one is in the shade Almond (I think...) 
Final two things now, both are contour kits - why I thought I needed two is beyond me. The first kit I saw was the Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit and the other is the new Maybelline Mastersculpt kit in the shade light medium. Hopefully my pale skin doesn't look orange with these...

Have you bought anything new recently? 

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