Superfacialist By Una Brennan | Cleansing Oil

I'm more than guilty of buying things because its been raved about on more than a few blogs. This was one of those purchases that was 100% inspired by bloggers, although I did need a new cleansing oil - just maybe not that day... 
Recently though I've started using the Superfacialist's cleansing oil on a daily basis and so far I'm a little bit in love with it. It smells absolutely amazing, quite fresh and sweet smelling. Its hard to pin point exactly what the smell is, but trust me it smells like heaven.
At night it helps to take off make-up with very little effort, a splodge of this in your hands add a little bit of water and massage it into the skin. Viola - bye bye make-up. I'm always going to have a massive place in my heart for cleansing oils, they are so effortless and even on oily skin they work an absolute treat. Your skin will feel squeaky clean after using this, so what more could you want? Your skin doesn't feel tight or anything after using it either. 
I couldn't recommend this more, so if you're looking for a brilliant cleanser that'll take your makeup off effortlessly then this is what you are after. 
What do you love skincare wise? 

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