Waist Training | My thoughts on it

I'm not sure about you but something I've always wanted to exaggerate is the hour glass figure. I already sort of had it but I wanted the tiny toned waist. And if I'm being honest I wanted it with the minimilest amount of effort.
Weighted hula hoops do the job but you need to do at least 15 minutes, spinning both ways, every day - and let me tell you the hoop fair bruises you the next day, meaning hooping the day after is a pretty painful affair.
Recently I've been seeing a fair bit about waist training, and what with celebrities like Kim Kardashian doing it, it appears to have become quite the popular thing.
Does it work though? That's what you really want to know because frankly some of these waist trainers are bloody expensive for what is, essentially, a modern day corset... I think if you are looking for a cheaper option (around £20 or less then depop, Groupon and wowcher are good places to start). I got mine from Groupon, it was around £17 with postage for it and came from Who Run The World waist trainers. The ones they sell on their site range from around £40 to upwards of £50. And that is just a little out of my reach, especially if your not even sure if it will work.
When mine came I tried it on straight away, using the middle set of books - there's 3 rows you can use, going in a set when you progress. It was tight to put on but when it was actually on it was comfortable to wear, I think there is mean to be a little discomfort when your wearing it? When it was on properly the tightness went away too... Maybe my size isn't right? Although the size is for 8 through 12s sooo...
I wore it for at least 5 hours twice on the middle set of hooks before deciding to try go to the tightest set. When it was on I found a slight issue with it, by that I mean that when it was on it bunched up at the back - it didn't do this on the middle set, so maybe I just went too tight too quickly? Cause if it kept bunching you definitely couldn't get away with wearing this out and about, you'd definitely be noticed with a bulging back otherwise.

I feel like this is more of a quick fix, than a long term solution. Like the results you get from wearing this for a couple of days is really nice, but if you don't keep it up - then you'll soon notice the effects of it wearing off. 
I think if you were to do this along with having a good diet and a good amount of exercise then you could probably benefit fully from using it. I'm just a little too lazy to do all that but if I ever get into the habit of wearing it whilst being super healthy I'll let you know how the effects differ. 

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