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I wasn't fortunate enough to get into my third year of university so I'm having to repeat my second year. But never the less I go back and had to get myself some supplies to make sure I was ready for going back. 
I'd been eyeing these stationary sets from Tescos, they were meant to be £20 but had been reduced to £7. The Pucca Pad ones looked nicer but these Oxford Campus ones were just so much more practical. The set has a note pad and a refill pad, along with a smaller A5 note pad. Then theres also an A4 binder and pockets to put things in. For £7 it was an absolute steal. 
Pens and pencils are obviously a must. I got these all from Tescos and I think they were all half price. I love the mechanical pencils and seem to find my writing is a lot better when I write in pencil. I also got the standard Bic pens and a few Pilot erasable pens. 
I really feel like being organised while at university is a huge must. Paperchase have the nicest organisers, and I picked this really pretty purple flowery one for this year. I've only been back for a week or two and I've found that I've put so many things in it. This is gonna get a heck load of use out of it. I also got a little cute pen from Paperchase, these wee pens write really well. 
I've not bought too much for university this year but I'm quite happy with the few things I've bought this year. I'll maybe get a few more things if I go to Wilko - they have the best stationary things in there.  

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