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Almost a month ago I went on holiday and took my first ever plane ride - I'm making it sound like an amusement ride... and went jetting off to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria with my brother, dad and step mum. We arrived at our hotel at 6am - thats 4am here in the UK. We went straight to bed but got up just a few hours later. Our hotel was half way between Sunny Beach and Nessebar. The first day we went to the Beach for awhile but ended up spending most of the day soaking up the sun on the sun loungers next to the pool. Honestly, thats how we spent the majority of our holiday, I was covered head to toe in factor 50 and had to take allegry tablets everyday to stop myself breaking out in Prickly Heat. 
 My brother and I got bored of sitting by the pool one day so decided to got for a walk. We soon regretted going for the walk since it was upwards of 30 degrees with no wind. Oh boy was it hot. This was the only time I'd really ever played about with my camera for anything other than blog photos and I'm quite happy with the results. 
Our hotel was this lovely thing here, its called the Diamante Residence Hotel and Spa, for the most part an absolutely lovely hotel, but we did have a small issue with them trying to claim we broke stuff on our last day. For the most part though it was lovely. 
Nessebar was absolutely stunning, all the buildings looked amazing. My brother and I went back a second time the day before we left to get a bunch of souvenirs.  
 Our rep recommended we went to this really cool little bar hidden away in the middle of the old town. Michaels Eco Bar was amazing! If you ever find yourself in Nessebar definitely go have a look in there, its such a strange but cool place. It wasn't overly expensive either, worked out at about £3.50 for a very strong cocktail! Beer was a lot cheaper but my not being a fan meant I was left with the cocktail option.
 We had dinner in Nessebar that night in a lovely little place called the Royal next to the ocean. I think our meal worked out to be about £36 for 4 meals and a bottle of wine. Such a good price concidering wine here would be about £18 a bottle. 
 The sunset and the subsequent view of Sunny Beach in the background was really really pretty! 
They gave me the biggest plate of mussels ever and they were amazing! They cost like 8 lev, super super cheap.  
Bulgaria was amazing - so so so hot as well! Id definitely go back some day but I first want to see other places before I'd return: Italy; Egypt; Germany ect They're all on my to see list! 

Where have you been on holiday? Where would you recommend? 

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