Liz Earle | Normal Combination Daily Essentials Kit

For my birthday this year I got this Liz Earle set, I've been close to getting this set for awhile but always put it off. The kit is for normal combination skin, and although my skin is definitely more oily currently I'll still get plenty of use from it. 
The kit comes with the classic Cleanse and Polish, the instant Boost Skin tonic, Skin Repair moisturiser and the Gentle face exfoliator. I've had a chance to use everything bar the exfoliator. I love the toner, it just leaves my skin feeling really refreshed and calm. 
My love for the Cleanse and Polish is undying and I have a Limited Edition one in my room waiting to be used. I'm of two minds about the moisturiser though. I'm not sure if its just cause my skin is in such awful condition at the moment or if its just cause I need a moisturiser more suited for oily skin, either way though I'll give it more of a try and report back. 

Have you tried Liz Earle before? What skin care do you love? 

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