Butter London Horse Power Strengthening polish | Review

After coming back from Bulgaria two months ago, my nails have never been so brittle! I've been needing to get something to help them strengthen up a bit for awhile now. A couple of weeks ago I got this one from Butter London, the Horse Power Nail Fertilizer. It was £15, maybe a lot for a polish but my nails were begging for it. And the other option I had was the OPI one and that's around £20. 
I've used it a fair few times now and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. Some of my nails definitely feel a lot stronger, others are still in a lot more need of some strength. 
You can use it as a base coat, top coat, both or even just on its own. 
I'm not using it the way its meant to be used, as you're meant to use it every day for 7 days and then remove and repeat that process for 4 more weeks. I'm going to get into the habit of using it more though, since its certainly doing something - so using it more will only reap more rewards for my poor wee nails. 
Hopefully soon my poor wee brittle nails will be strong and long soon. Anything you've tried that helps the strength of your nails? 

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