New In | Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I've never used a make-up sponge, but so many people swear by them, so I thought why not give one a try (I say one but I also bought the Beauty Blender set.... More on that later). I wanted a budget option to try first, and the Real Techniques one fit this as its only £4.99 (ish).
I'm going have to do a wee bit of research into how you use this best, this one you can use wet and dry - they also recommend you wash it between 1-3. The shape of it is different from the standard beauty blender. It's got a flat edge that is recommended for use around the nose and eyes, a pointed tip to help cover spots and imperfections and the sides for overall blending of the face. 
It feels really soft, I'm going have a wee play about with it and see how it works. I'll give it a go with other foundations too just to see how other foundations work with it. I know that some I have are better blended with brushes and other with fingers. So this will be fun! 
I'll probably have a comparison post at some point comparing the Real Techniques ones too the Beauty Blender. But that might not be for awhile as I want to get lots of use out of them before I give a proper review. 

Do you like make-up sponges? What's your preferred way to apply foundation? 

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