Whats In My Bag | University Edition

I've been back at university now for about 4 weeks and I thought I'd do a wee post about the bag I've been using. The one I use is from Vans, its this really cool print galaxy style print. 
I only have two hours of classes a week, so I don't need to carry lots of books around with me, I did carry a massive - like it made my bag so heavy - folder, but I've recently taken it out in favour of leaving it at home cause I don't think I'll need it very much in class. 
The bag doesn't hurt my back or shoulders, so I'm in love with it due to that. If it hurt me then I'd be hating life so much - my last bag had tiny thin straps that were an absolute killer on my shoulders. 
In the big main section of my bag I have my note pad, I use this pad for taking really rough - near messy - notes. I keep my tidy notes in my house in a nicer note pad.
I also keep my diary in my bag, I use it to keep a track of what I have on what day and when I have tests and such like. I got this one from Paperchase, it was one of the few 15/16 diary's they still had left in stock at the time. I think it cost about £12 so it wasn't too badly priced. 
The other thing I have in here is my pencil case, I got this in first year I think from Paperchase. Its held up really well and I'm hoping it will last me till I graduate. 
I have a few other things in the big part of my bag is some pain killers, lady things - for ye know that time - and my purse. 
In the front zip part of my bag I've got a few things. I've got some coloured pens, but I think I'm gonna take these out, I don't use them in class but I do in the house so I'll probably take them out soon. 
I've got some handy hand sanitizer too, I have a bottle of hand sanitizer in every bag I own. I got this one for a few quid from Urban Outfitters. It smells really nice and leaves my hands feeling really clean. Throw in a pack of tissues and I'm ready for the worst sneezing fit or stick situation. 
I've got my calculator in here too, I'm not sure how much I need it though for my classes this year. I know I'll probably need it in my exam again though.
The final thing I have in my bag is my other glasses. These nifty little things help my eyes see things properly because my brain doesn't see things the way other people do. Only down side to these are that they dont have the right prescription in them so they give me a head ache. I'll need to get them sorted soon. 

What do you take with you everyday to university or college? 

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