Best Foundation Ever? | Too Faced Born This Way Review

I've been searching long and hard for a new foundation, using all the ones I had whilst I searched through many a sample to find the best one possible. I'd almost set my mind on the Giorgio Armani foundation when Too Faced released their foundation. After reading many a review and seeing the lovely Scottish wonder that is Danielle say how good she thought this was, and watching many of Nikki Tutorials videos with her wearing this I decided I needed to own my own.  
I spent a good few weeks looking online and in store for this - as the shade I needed ( Ivory btw) was out of stock constantly! The girls in the store literally had no idea when the shades would come back in stock, telling me they had been sold out for at least two if not three weeks! Thats absolute madness, but I suppose it just shows you how completely unprepared Debenhams were for this being as popular as it turned out to be. Online I didn't have much luck either, and after missing out on getting my shade twice I took to getting a small sample of it from the store, more so to make extra sure that this was the foundation and shade I wanted. 
I kid you not, I checked the site daily to see if this was in stock and luckily one day I managed to snap it back up when it came back in stock! 
The Too Faced Born This Way foundation is described as being a medium to full coverage foundation. When applied with a brush it definitely leans more towards the full coverage end, but if you apply with a sponge - like a beauty blender - it can be more of a medium coverage. Either way though its still very build-able and blends like a dream. The only method of application I've not tried yet is using my fingers, but I just personally don't enjoy using my hands to apply makeup. Its messy and definitely doesn't blend as well. 
The shade range is ok I guess, but I was quite lucky in that Ivory is basically a perfect match for my skin, its very much a yellow toned foundation. I think the only thing Too Faced have missed from this range is a neutral toned foundation, they all seem to be either on the yellow or pink side. 
I really wish I could take one of those cool one side with one without pictures but I've not mastered my camera yet so it all looks very bright and the difference isn't very clear. 
The foundation is amazing though, the colour matches me perfectly (at least I think it does), it is super long lasting and doesn't look at all cakey. The coverage is perfect for me, I can more or less make it as light or heavy as I like coverage wise. Everything about it is just amazing, I tried to make my boyfriend share my love for it but all he could muster up was that it looks nice on my skin. One day he'll be my makeup best buddy. 
Anyways, this foundation is the bomb, the bees knees and many more amazing things. I can't imagine there being a better foundation that I could buy. 

Have you tried this foundation? What ones do you love?

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