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Boys are so hard to buy for. More so when you buy them the things they ask for just before their birthdays. My brother is easy to buy for this year, he only wants computer parts since he plans on building his own this year.
The only other guy in my life that I'm buying for this year, other than my brother, is my boyfriend Connor. He's a tricky fellow to buy for. I made it harder for myself than it needed to be though, since I gave him everything he wanted for his 21st the other week. Silly me. 
Almost everything I'll include in this gift guide will be things that I know my brother or boyfriend would like, or things that I think a guy would quite like. So here goes.
Metal Earth Star Wars Kits £7-10
I could honestly do a whole post on things you could get people that's all Star Wars related. I'm super hyped for the new Star Wars film coming out! There's so many Star Wars related things coming out in preparation for the film, and I think these Metal Earth kits are the perfect little stocking fitter to give to a guy in your life. Depending on the model you get depends on the cost of it, but even still the most expensive is under £10. 

Bath Pug £7
Ok. So I know what your thinking, why would a guy want this? Well... My little (I say little but he is 18 and near enough 6 foot tall) brother keeps saying how much he wants one of these. He's a big kid a heart and lets be honest guys secretly love baths much more than girls do. 
I suppose it just makes a nice wee novelty funny stocking filler for their Christmas, I'd give no one other than my brother this cause I don't know if anyone else would find this as funny as my brother and I do. 

Nandos Be Ex-Peri-Mental Seven Sauce Set £20
Cheeky Nandos, eh? The boyfriend loves Nandos and so do countless other people! I think this would be a great gift for anyone who loves food. The boyfriend was talking about maybe getting some of these sauces so I might pop these in his stocking for him.

Heat Changing Rudolph Mug £9.99
Everyone loves tea - of some form, or what ever your hot drink preference - and a cool cup makes drinking it more fun. Heat changing mugs are brilliant, I got the boyfriend the Star Wars heat changing mug and he loves it! A more festive alternative to that one is this little Rudolph mug. 

Gillette James Bond Spectre FlexBall Gift Set £19
Razor gifts are always a good shout, this Gilette Flexball set is incredibly good value for money, as you get the razor with a head on it, 2 spares and shaving gel. Theres nothing remotely James Bond-y about this set but somehow it is.... 

Reiss Cleansing Bar £8
My brother took great offence last Christmas because everyone in our family gave him some kind of shower or grooming gift, so was under the impression that we all thought he smelled. He did - but all boys do so its fine! I kid, but us girls do like buying the boys nice smelling things be it for using in the bath or to spray on their body. 
This soap not only looks like it will smell amazing, but it looks pretty luxurious - it is Reiss so you'd only expect it to be. 

Finally I think an Itunes card would be a great present for a boy in your life, especially if hes a big music lover or even if hes a wee bit of a geek and would buy games from the app store.

What would guys in your life love for Christmas? 

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