Christmas Wishlist | Beauty Edition

I thought for this year I'd do a few gift guides, outfit posts and wishlist or two - starting this year with a wishlist. I love Christmas, like I absolutely love it! I'm not a morning person, but every year, guaranteed, I'll be up before 8am - sometimes waking up at 6... I'm told every year to not bother trying to get everyone up till at least 8, and if they don't have a cup of tea and some toast then they will point blank refuse to get up. 
I'm much more a giver for Christmas, like obviously I like getting presents but I adore giving people presents that I know (at least I hope I know) that they'll like. I'd much rather get presents than money, but at the same time I hate asking for things, silly me. So heres a wishlist of a few things that I'd hope to be under my tree this year. Or that I'll buy in the Christmas sales. So here we go! 
I've realised there's a fair few beauty items and a few non-beauty items that I've got my eye on this year, so I'll have another wish list up possibly at some point soon. 

NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette £49
Oh dear lord. When I first saw this palette I might have drooled a little, I just found it so pretty. I don't usually get hung up over limited edition items, but I really really really want this palette. Its almost a need for me now. The palette contains my favourite bronzer, the Laguna bronzer, along with a fair few other beautiful shades. I'd be very very happy if I received this but even if I don't I'd happily get it for myself. 

NARS Steven Klein Magnificent Obsession Cool Red Lip Set £29
I really seem to have fallen for the Steven Klein collection, and these are only a couple of the things I want from the collection, because realistically I'd happily have all the sets and all the other Steven Klein colours that are part of the collection. The Magnificent Obsession set looks so nice: I love a red lip and a set that has a lipstick, liner and lip pencil in the most beautiful red shade is right up my street. I believe the lipstick is full sized while the other two are minis, but even so £29 is  such a good price for a set like this. 

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette £43
Oh boy, never have I wanted an eye shadow palette more than I want this one. My want for this was set in stone though after having a wee play about with the colours. The shades are just so beautiful, so pigmented and buttery. The palette looks so versatile having both everyday shades and very bright party season shades. I'm a bit annoyed though because they've also announced the Gwen Stefanni palette and IT LOOKS SO FRECKING GOOD! Why you have to release so many things I want?! 

Illamasqua Broken Gold £18.50
Suzie from Hello October used this in a video (you can see her use it here) and I fell in love instantly with it. I bought one from Urban Decay that I thought would be quite like this but I just can't seem to get on with it, so I'd love to get my hands on this - would be great for a Christmas make-up look. 

Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations Crème Brûlée Duet £35
Every year I look at the Laura Mercier sets, and for whatever reason I don't buy them. Even in the Christmas sets where more often than not they end up being half price! This year though I've decided I'm getting one. I'd rather get them in the sale for cheaper, than get it as a gift, but at the same time imagine I couldn't get it in the sale and missed out again. I'd be gutted. The honey bath smells so good and I feel like I need it in my life. I love all things honey scented, so this fits me well. 

Zoeva Classic Brush Set £52
The Zoeva brush sets are so hyped, I'd love a set but they are a fair price to fork out but I imagine they would be so worth it! The Classic Brush set has 8 brushes in it, 3 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. Their Luxe Prime Set is £69 and comes with 10 brushes, again with only 3 of them being face brushes. For an extra £17 two brushes extra to some would seem like a great price, since mac brushes cost around £20 for just one brush! While others might think £17 for two extra is steep. It just depends on what you'd want to spend. 
If a budget wasn't an issue for my friends and family I'd be bold and ask for the Luxe Complete Set - it costs £99, so I definitely wouldn't be asking this to be under my tree till someone won the lottery or got the biggest promotion of their lives. It has 15 brushes in the set, 11 eye brushes and 4 face brushes. Their sets really do seem to focus on eye brushes, that doesn't bother me as I'm really looking to get some brilliant eye brushes for my small horde. 

What kind of things are you wishing for Christmas this year? 

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