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This is my second Christmas Wishlist, and my last. This is a much higher value wish list for the most part and is more or less a "if I was rich" list. 
I've been eyeing up these boots for awhile and online they are being sold for £61.90. They come in tan, grey and black, and they all look stunning! I love Levi jeans, and my leather jacket from Levi's is my fave. These shoes or a really nice pair of sturdy but comfy Chelsea boots would be so ideal for me as I literally only ever wear my converse, puma suede's or nike's. 

Nike Pro Floral Fade Training Tights £90
I would never expect anyone to pay this much for a pair of work out leggings for me, I'd never do it and wouldnt expect nor want anyone to do buy them for me. I included them in the wishlist though because they are stunning and if they ever go in the sale or I get a discount code then I'd maybe consider buying them. Minkpink do a really nice bright pair for £45 on Urban Outfitters, and obviously you can get student discount, so I think these ones are much more likely for me to get. 

Crosley Cruiser Record Player £69.99
I've fancied a record player for awhile, I've literally no space in my room for one but I still want one. I've also no idea what records I'd want, but hey I'd figure that out later. I love the Turquoise one and the mint one. For whatever reason the mint one only appears to be available on Urban Outfitters and they charge £100 for their record players... Pretty steep for something I don't have the room for. This is definitely a "when I move out I'll buy" type thing.

Calvin Klein Jeans Black Sweatshirt £90
My boyfriend first pointed this out to me, I think if it hadn't been for the price I'd have bought it right away. It was so soft and felt really cosy. If I can get extra hours in work this will be getting bought in the new year. Would be nice if I had this before I went to Rome in February... 

ASOS Oversized Square Scarf In 70s Check £18
This is actually something I only saw recently, but I've been wanting a big cool looking scarf for awhile now. Glasgow is getting crazy cold and a scarf is definitely going to become a staple in my daily outfits, so a pretty one would be great. 

Canon 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens £129
Amazon sell this lens for a lot less than it retails for, as on the page it says that its been reduced from £179.99! Lens's are expensive, but I'm really really wanting to get a new one. The 24mm seems like the best one and more or less the best value for money one... I was looking at the 40mm and the 35mm; but the 40mm didnt seem wide enough and the 35mm was just waaaay to expensive for me atm. A new lens is another thing I'd quite like to get before I go to Rome. 

ASOS Open Crescent Hair Clip £5
This is just a wee cheap thing that I quite fancy. I like pinning the sides of my hair back, and this would just be a nicer way of doing it than with a bunch of curby grips. They do other designs of this and if I'm honest I quite like them all... 

Ted Baker Crosshatch Shopper With Printed Detachable Pouch £169
I've been in the market for a really good quality bag for awhile now, all my bags are getting quite ratty looking, and again this is one of those things I'd die to have but wouldn't want someone to pay this much for one thing on me. Its just too much. They do a purple version of this bag too, but I think I prefer this one just a tiny bit more. I'll see how much money I have after Christmas and then decided if I want to splurge a little and buy this for myself. 

Anything you've been hoping Santa will bring you? 

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