Crown Brush Haul

Crown Brush is a brand I've wanted to try for the longest time, but for whatever reason kept putting it off. It's not even like the brushes are extortionate - they are so affordable so who knows why I've put off getting brushes from them for so long. 
Anyway, for Halloween they had a 20% off code going - so naturally I had to get one or two (or eight). I figured I'd show you the brushes I decided on, and maybe give a bit of a first impressions? LETS DO THIS! 
The first brush that added into my basket was the IB118 Spoolie, I decided on getting a spoolie brush because the one I'm currently using is the tiny one that comes in the Benefit Gimmie brow, my one ran out but the spoolie came in really handy - it's gotten a bit hairy though so I thought it was about time to say goodbye. It feels really good quality, I don't think you'd have ever guessed that it only costs a few quid! The spoolie even feels really nice on the brows, sounds weird but it really does! 
I also bought the IB117 Lip Brush, I currently use the little detailer brush that came with the Real Techniques face set for my lipstick. And I thought it was maybe about time that I bought another lip brush since I'm constantly needing to wash my brush if I want to put a different colour on. It seems like it will be a really good wee brush, feels nice and soft but not too soft, if that makes sense. 
The C431 Precision Detail looks like it will be a brilliant wee brush for upping my eye game. Its soft, densely packed and fairly sturdy feeling. The brush feels good to hold, and it actually gives me great excitement thinking of using this. Super sad I know... But when you've worked with the same style of brush for so long a new shape and type of brush brings joy to a make-up junkie like me. 
Annoyingly the rest of the brushes I've bought don't have their names on them. I'll look back and find out what they are called just in case you want to buy them for yourselves. 
Okey, so I'm pretty certain now of the names of the other brushes. 
BK16 MiniSmdger Brush, is one of the brushes with no name on them. Its a tiny wee brush, feels so light in the hand too. You could almost forget that you're even holding it. It is so soft! Like its unreal how soft it is, I think I've basically said soft about a thousand times already, and I'll probably say it a thousand more. I think this brush will be good for so many things, from highlighting the brow bone to smudging out liner and shadow. My excitement to see what looks I can create with these brushes is unreal!!
BK18 Round Crease Brush is maybe the cheapest looking, like don't get me wrong it feels nice and soft and good to hold. However its got a fair few hairs that don't look like they've been cut right... Could just be that my one was a bit bad, but I'll sort it myself by giving it a wee trim. The brush is super soft, its not overly densely packed - I feel like it could maybe be a little more packed but I'll play with it a bit before I make any final decisions.
BK42 Bullet Crease THIS BRUSH FEELS BRILLIANT! It feels like it will fit perfectly in the crease and will make applying shadow there a thousand times easier. Its super densely packed and feels so sturdy. You could even maybe use it for contouring since it is fairy pointed and sturdy.. 
C461 Infinity Precision Crease, I'm noticing a pattern with the type of brushes I've bought... They all seem to be these tapered crease brushes, ah well they'll be the handiest! This one is just as soft as the BK42, but it doesnt feel as sturdy. It'll be interesting to see how they differ. 
Final brush now, I'm pretty certain this one is the SS021 Syntho Blending Brush. It was the most expensive of the brushes, but even still only cost £4.99 full price. The brushes are so crazily affordable and such a high quality too! This brush is really soft and seems like it'll be really good for packing on shadow and blending out the edges of shadow. Its incredibly fluffy and looks like it'll do such a great job of blending. 

What brushes are your must have ones?

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