Must Have Lashes | Red Cherry Demi Wispies #DW

I'm not a massive wearer of eyelashes, I know some people swear by them but until now I've never found that perfect wear all the time pair. I used to wear them on nights out but after looking back at photos of myself on nights out I decided to stop wearing them, I looked ridiculous, the lashes were huge and very obvious. 
I've recently found a lovely set from Red Cherry that when I put them on I fell in love. Neither my mum nor my boyfriend knew I was wearing them because they were just such a perfect pair. 
I made an order on False Eyelashes and bought a fair few Rd Cherry lashes, the ones I've fallen for so far (I say so far since I've not had the chance to  try them all yet) are the #DW style lashes. The demi wispies are so so so pretty on, and not overly obvious when applied. 
The site sells the Red Cherry Lashes - and loads more brands - for £3.49 each with free first class delivery. They are super affordable, and they usually have a discount code or two floating around. 
Excuse the shoddy photo, its the only picture I have of the lashes on where I don't look a complete riot... I don't always post like this.... I promise. 
The lashes aren't at all dramatic, instead being so natural that you could get away with them for daily wear if you were wanting soft but bigger, fuller, longer looking lashes. I've found in the past that the Eyelure ones are a bit long for my eye, and that even their so called natural style of lash just look silly and definitely anything but natural. 
It's a bit of a shame that people sell these on Depop for double the price because a lot of people don't know where to get the lashes from. There are plenty places though that sell them, FalseLashes.co.uk for one. 

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