October Favourites

Where the heck has the year gone?! I know everyone says that, but really - how is it only two months till Christmas? 
This month I've tried out a couple new products and got myself into a pretty steady routine with my make-up and skin care. So I thought I'd share my loves for this month.  
This next item is a bit of a cheat product. I've only been using it for about a week - two at absolute most, I feel like I needed to mention it though since I've been dying to get my hands on it for the longest time. The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation has just completely evaded me recently! Every time I've gone into Debenhams its been sold out and recently I've even missed managing to snag it online. I literally sneezed and missed out on getting it, oh geez. I went into Debenhams and got a wee sample of it, and then thankfully managed to buy it online shortly after that. Its just the most perfect coverage, and Ivory is just such a great match for my skin. I've used blending brushes and sponges to apply this, and with both it applies seamlessly. When I apply it with a brush the coverage is a fair bit higher than when I apply it with the sponges. I'm so glad I bought this foundation, although I still hear the Giorgio Armani foundation calling my name. Oddly the Too Faced and the Giorgio Armani foundations are a similar price, the Too Faced being £29 and the Giorgio Armani being £36.50. I know its an almost £10 difference but considering that Giorgio Armani is a much higher brand than Too Faced its not that big a difference. The foundation is extremely nice though so the price doesn't bother me, and I'm looking forward to use it a lot more. 
My skin was so spotty last month, even having one of those horrible under skin spots that just don't ever seem to go away ( I think mine was there for at least a month, boo :( ) I got this though from Beautybay and after figuring out how to use it - dipping a cotton bud in it then putting it all over the spots, or in my case all over my face, and leaving it over night - I started using it near enough every night. The boyfriends family gave me a few weird looks but weird looks are better than having a massive spot filled face, right? 
Anyway, the Mario Badescu drying lotion works wonders! The stubborn under skin spot has even vanished! There is a small mark thats healing from where it was but its gone, my face is so much clearer than before. I can't vouch for its ability to reduce black heads but I'm going to test it out on them soon! This definitely is the best spot treatment I've used and its so highly affordable too! 

Another major issue for me this month has been my nails - they've been so brittle since I had gels on them. I think I caused the problem though my picking the gels off rather than going to a salon to have them removed... I won't be trying that again that's for sure! I've been using the Butter London Horse Power strengthener for about 2 or 3 weeks now and I've noticed a huge difference in my nails. They are definitely stronger, granted not as strong as they were but they don't bend just from my touching them any more and they don't seem to keep breaking - fingers crossed - any more, so major plus. I'm for sure going to keep using it until my nails are near indestructible! I'm so pleased I got it and that it wasn't a waste of money - if it had been I'd have wasted £15, but its not even the most expensive nail strengthener there is!
I've been smitten over my lovely new (although looking fairly used now) Red Cherry #DW lashes since I first got them! 100% human hair and 110% stunning! They just feel so natural and don't dig into my eyes at all so I don't feel like I'm wearing lashes. They look really natural too, my mum didn't even notice I was wearing any, so you could definitely call these a daily lash! For the price as well they are super good value, I'm pretty sure they cost me about £3.50, so don't be ripped off if you see people selling them for £5+!! 
Although I say they are pretty much daily wear lashes, I probably wouldn't wear them to university or work just because I don't see the need for those places. Like I'm there to learn/ earn money - I just don't feel that I need to look good doing it.
I have a few different styles of the Red Cherry Lashes but I've yet to try them since I've just been so in love with these ones!

So that's all I've been absolutely loving this month, everything is new and will probably have a separate proper review on them soon, if not already... 
What things have you been loving this month? 

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