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Happy December folks! Where has the year gone?! It doesn't feel like its been long enough for us to be needing to have all our Christmas presents sorted, speaking if Christmas presents - I'VE STILL SO MANY TO BUY! I'm panicking a little that I'm running out of time and money to buy things... I'll have a small nervous break down later, but first blog post. 
Until recently I honestly didn't understand the hype behind make-up sponges, let alone spending around £16 on one! 
That was until I spent a fair bit on a BeautyBlender kit, and fell in love with the Original blender and the little bar of soap it came with. 
BeautyBlenders come in the Original pink one, the Pure (white) one, Pro (black) one, the Red Carpet (red, funnily) one, the body body bodyblender, a flat sponge called Blotterazzi and finally the mini blenders that are green. 
I only currently own the original blender, but I think in time I'd like to try the Pro one and the Pure one to see how they compare to the Original.
The BeautyBlender is a hot pink,sort of egg shaped sponge, its got a wide base that leads up to a small pointed tip. Sorry for how god awful my descriptive terms are, I just can't think of words to describe how it looks, other than egg shaped. When you soak it in water it fairly expands, they say to twice its size but I'm not so sure. 
When I use my blender I only ever tend to wet it with the rea.activate. And now I'm thinking that I probably should give it a good soaking first. Either way though, it applies my foundation splendidly! 
The sponge feels so soft and spongy when your using it, even when its wet it feels super soft! One thing to note though, is do not pull at it too much. Its a sturdy wee sponge but if you twist it or wring it like you would a cloth to try and remove excess water to dry it then it could end up damaging it. 
I need to wash mine a fair bit more as I think I might only have washed it after about 12 uses, and I think that they recommend you washing it after every 4 uses... Cleaning it is super easy, I use the solid BeautyBlender Cleanser to do mine - I also use it though to wash all my brushes... Its just a really good brush cleanser. 
Right so, to wash it, I use soak it under a warm tap and rub it in the solid cleanser. It took me a few minutes to get all the foundation out of it, but I was just being really careful with it. 
For application of this product though, oh dear joy. I love love LOVE this for applying foundation, granted I've only tried the one foundation with it, but its a foundation I love. The foundation just applies so seamlessly to the skin with this, I think even my favourite Sigma foundation brush doesn't apply as well as this does... The BeautyBlender just seems to give a really airbrushed type finish, it looks so seamless - not at all cakey, patchy or streaky. 

Have you ever tired a make-up sponge? 

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