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I recently did a post on gifts to get guys that were under £20, and today I'm back with a more high end version of this. This varies from being still affordable at £30 to a complete splurge at over £200. But at least all your bases are covered this way. 

Mele Co Black Leather Gentlemens Five Watches Watch Box £26.99
I think watch boxes make a great gift for guys, especially if the person your buying for is especially if they are quite a stylish gentleman. You can get them in lots of different sizes, colours and some even come with little sections for cuff links. The Mele Co one I've featured here is leather, with a light grey, suede type material lining it. It looks incredible quality, and for the price I think its the nicest and most affordable option. Fossil do a lovely watch box but it is a lot more expensive. 

Star Wars BB-8 Robotic Droid by Sphero £129.95
Every time I see this in stores I pray that someone I know gets one for Christmas or that I can afford to get someone I know it. I know so many guys that would make so many girly squeals if they unwrapped this on Christmas day. Its just so expensive so a little robot, but it seems like a great gift for any guy, who doesn't love Star Wars?

Fossil Townsman Automatic Brown Leather Watch £229
Fossil watches are a thing of beauty. Although this watch is fairly pricey, although a really good price for a branded watch, it is probably out of budget for most. But how could I not include this? Personally I think guys look super cool wearing watches and a nice shirt, and a watch where you can see the inner workings is just so cool! 
The Townsman watches come in 10 different colours and styles, with some of them being a little cheaper than this one I've shown. If I had the money to buy my boyfriend this watch I 100% would, and wouldn't it be cool to put it in a watch box so they get a big surprise when they open it.  

ASOS Christmas Jumper with Xmas Ho Ho Ho Pattern £30
Christmas Jumpers make great presents, they come in lots of different styles and prices so they'll be something to suit everyone! ASOS have lots to pick from, and Marks and Spencers do so many lovely styles too! 

Star Wars Lack Of Cheer Disturbing Christmas Jumper £39.99
Another Christmas Jumper I just had to mention is this one, its such a funny jumper - a little more expensive though... All the Star Wars ones that this site sell are so cool and some are quite witty. 

Jedi Dressing Gown £34.99
Star Wars related items are a recurring theme in this gift guide, but with this dressing gown guys can feel like the Jedi they want to be. You could even go all out and get them a light sabre so they are completely kitted out. 

What are you getting the boys in your life? 

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