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I'm a huge animal person, I've my own Dog, you can see posts on her here and here, (a toy poodle Daisy) and two cats in my house. 
People love getting their pets a wee something something for Christmas and I'm no exception. Daisy most definitely will be getting a few new toys this year, I've found some cool dog related things that you could buy for your puppy just incase you're looking for some inspiration on what to get. 
I'm one of those dog owners that likes finding silly things to dress their dog in, I think Daisy secretly likes it although she doesn't act like shes much of a fan... 
Last year she didn't seem too happy with her jacket, might have been cause it was too big though... Yeah that's why she didn't like it... 
M&S Moustache Dog Toy £8
I saw this hysterical dog toy in Mark and Spencers and decided my dog absolutely must have it! Its a solid rubber toy that when they put it in their mouth it looks like they've got an awesome big moustache. I'm hoping my dogs wee mouth is big enough to hold this, or that shes smart enough to know how to use it... 

Personalised Pet Treat And Toy Crate £25
My dog has so many toys, they're currently kept in a really ugly brown box so a nice wee box with some new toys in it could be a great wee present for Daisy. And my mum since she's going barmy over how her toys don't all fit in the box and tend to be spread all over the floor - there's at least 5 toys spread across the floor currently. This does however still have a £7.95 delivery charge on top of the £25 for the item, so its definitely something to think about rather than impulse buying. 

Rosewood Dog Santa Hat £1.99
Daisy will have some kind of outfit or head gear this year. It makes for cute pictures and who knows maybe if they are good enough she can be next years Christmas card? John Lewis sell this little hat that I'll probably be sure to get no matter what since its so cheap. I'll wear a santa hat and Daisy can match me, we will be super cute!

Rosewood Santa Coat £7.99
Same brand, different store. Waitrose sell this cute little coat, I mean look how adorable that little doggy looks in the picture! They've currently got it on offer for £5.61, so you can get it for a little cheaper. This is still super affordable for a coat, Christmas spirit will be everywhere in my house! 

Christmas Munchy Red Velvet Cake Dog Chews £4
No Christmas present is complete without some sort of sweet, that even goes for dogs! Pets at Home sell so many really cool looking Christmas related dog treats, but these Red Velvet style ones really caught my eye! I think I'm just projecting my likes on my dog... Oh well she likes food so I'm sure she'll love them! 

Christmas Headband £5
Pets at home man, I'm telling you - they have everything to satisfy your dog present needs. I kind of feel sorry for my dog, I'm going to probably have outfit changes for her and everything. This headband though looked too sweet not to add into this guide. And as I'm typing I realise how crazy I am. Although... If you buy 2 outfit things from Pets at Home then you save 20% and I love a bargain so... Y'know why not. 

Christmas Dog Pudding Suit £10
Pets at Home, just take all my money please. I saw this pudding suit and thought it was fairly cute, they also have this Christmas Pudding jumper for the same price as this one. So I'm gonna try see what one I like best between the two. I think the suit looks better than the jumper, but I'll wait till I see them both in person before deciding for sure. My dog is definitely going to have outfit changes on Christmas. 

Dog Advent Calendar £2 
An advent calender for me and one for you puppy dearest. I've always wanted to get my dog an advent calender, only seems fair if we have one that they do too, right? 

Do you get your pets presents at Christmas? 

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