December's Taffy Mail | The American Sweetie Subscription Box

There really is a subscription box for everything. Taffy Mail have 3 different sized subscription boxes available with prices starting from £7.49 a month, going up to £24.99 for the largest of boxes. I got the largest of the boxes: they say it will have up to 20 sweets; at least one can of soda; and at least one  premium item. 
I think I got 19 items in my box (my brother straight up took the Nutter Butter that was in the box and demolished it within seconds). I've gone a bit mad and in just a couple of days I've eaten so much of this box already. 
American m&m's are amazing, their pretzel ones are just to die for. This box had a packet of mint m&m's, I can't remember if I've had these before or not... But they sound really good anyway, only down side is its dark chocolate and I'm not a massive fan of dark chocolate... 
There was also a packet of Hersheys Cookies n Creme drops. I love Hersheys chocolate, and I'm super excited to try these! 
Butter popcorn is the best popcorn there is. Its such a shame most cinemas (at least in glasgow) don't sell butter popcorn. Going to have a nice movie night with the boyfriend soon to try this out. 
 More Hersheys chocolate!! YAAAAY. This bar is called a Symphony bar, and is milk chocolate with almond and toffee chips. Its so good, I think it might be one of the best things in the box that I've tried. Theres not really anything that I can think that we have in the UK that compares to this. 
There is also a yoohoo bar in the box, the slices of this are huge! It tastes just like any old chocolate bar, quite milky though. Its a huge bar, and it does taste really good. 
Jolly Ranchers and Hershey's, my faves. And in dessert form? Yes please! I'm really excited to try the Hershey's Creamy Vanilla Pudding, it sounds amazing - so hopefully its as good as it sounds. 
The jolly rancher jelly I'm also hoping is as good as I hope it'll be, its cherry flavoured but will take 4 hours to set! Whys it gonna take so long? Does the jelly in the UK take that long? 
Abba-Zaba is something that no one in my house liked. I hate peanut butter but my mum and brother love it, but they hated this. Its a chewy taffy with a peanut butter centre. My brother and boyfriend both tried this and both thought it was really hard to eat, and that it hurt their teeth so much when they ate it. 
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites are something that I'm pretty sure you can get in poundland in the UK - and if not its just something really similar to it. These were really nice though, and I'd definitely buy again. 
Air Heads. What actually is this? I don't have a clue, it seems like it could be gum but at the same time it might not be? 
Nerds are so good, you can get these in the UK from lots of places but I do think they cost a few quid for a small box. This big gift box has 4 boxes of nerds inside it, two boxes of Strawberry and Grape and two boxes of watermelon and wild cherry punch. Both flavours are really good, but I think the Watermelon and Wild Cherry are a seasonal flavour. 
The red hots really weren't as hot as I expected them to be, like I'm pretty certain we have things in the UK that are so much hotter than these.
The Trident chewing gum was also a bit disappointing. I think it is just the same as the ones you can get here. The bits just seem a wee bit smaller than the bits you can get in the UK, but I think the pack is bigger. 
I tried the Gold Fish Crackers, but I really wasn't a fan of them. Other people in my house seemed to like them but I just found them a bit weird tasting.. 
Now the Starburst GummiBursts were amazing! Why don't we have these in the UK?! They are so squishy and have a little liquid type centre. I really really wish we had these here cause they are so good. 
The Strawberry soda that was in the box confuses me a bit if I'm honest. I can't decide if I like it or not, like when I think I don't like it I then decide that I do indeed like it. 
Theres also a Charms What a Melon Blow Pop, I'm assuming this has bubble gum in the middle of it. I'm not sure if we still have this type of thing in the UK, but I know we definitely used to. 
Taffy mail boxes are actually really good, I only with they came with a contents list that told you a little about the products you were getting. Other than that though its really good, and for less money you could have a more affordable version if you liked.  Whats your favourite American Sweetie? 

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