Imperial Candles A Jewel In Every Candle | Santa's Cookies Review

I love candles so much, and I definitely - like most people - burn them a lot more in the colder months, I usually end up buying one or two of Yankee Candles Christmas offerings. This year I was lucky enough to get an Imperial Candle, these smell amazing and burn so incredibly well! And major bonus as well, all the candles (the do bath products too!) contain an item of jewellery: a ring; necklace; or earrings. Every candle contains an item of jewellery the is worth between £10 and £2000! The candles are 100% natural soy wax, and I think this helps them burn so much better. 
The packaging of these products is really pretty, its so so simple but I think it looks really classy. Sometimes I feel that candles can have really cheap, cheesy and tacky packaging but Imperial Candles really don't, their packaging is just so lovely and fits in my house so well. The Imperial Candles Santa's Cookie Candle* smells so good! It fills the whole house with a really lovely scent, its not sickly sweet like some cookie scented candles can be. It burns so well, and evenly! I love when candles burn properly so that you've not got loads of wax stuck up the sides, the little things in life give me joy. The candles contain two wicks as well, and I think this really helps with the burning process, ensuring its really even the whole way down. 
The candles burn for so long before you get to the little foil wrap that houses the item of jewellery, my candle contains a ring btw. I think I must have had mine burning for at least 5 hours before I was able to wiggle the ring out. It was a bit waxy, but the wax felt really nice and not like normal candle wax does. 
The ring was wrapped in the red foil, then in another layer of foil and finally was enclosed inside a little plastic bag. Its quite nice to see how well enclosed they are, as you know then that the ring isn't going to get any wax on it. 
This is the ring that I got in my candle. I'm really pleased with it, its a really cute wee design and is worth £30. Its real silver, and has little crystals in an infinity loop design. 
I really wish I had posted this review earlier as these would make an amazing gift for any girlies in your life, and at £24.99 they are really a brilliant price especially for what you are getting! 
They ship internationally, and make their candles on order - so your candle is made especially for you! How cool is that? You'll also receive a ring in your chosen size, ensuring the ring you get is the right size for you - meaning you can wear it right away and don't have to pay more to have it resized. 
If you order one of these as a Christmas present for someone, you might not get it in time because they do make all the candles by hand when a new order is made.
These candles are such high quality and I really feel Imperial Candles should be talked about more because they really are amazing! 

Have you ever had a jewellery candle before? 

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