Elegant Touch Trend Nail in Galactica | Review

The Elegant Touch Galactica nails are so unbelievably pretty, at £7.95 they are a good and cheaper alternative to going to a salon - but they definitely aren't the cheapest you can buy in store. 
The pack comes with 24 nails in 10 different sizes, meaning you really should be able to find a size that best suits your nails. The pack also comes with a small tube of glue. I'm not going to lie, trying to find the right size of nail for each finger is an annoying job - it takes a fair while and then you're tasked with sticking them down. I found when I applied them (I've bought and applied these nails twice btw) the glue got everywhere, if I didn't apply enough glue they wouldn't stick down properly and the only times they did stick down was when the glue was coming out of all the corners of the nail. This of course meant that I got a little stuck to myself - and let me tell you trying to pull your fingers apart is painful! At one point I even got the tube of glue stuck to my finger!! 
The Galactica nails though are so pretty, so all the effort you put into applying them is worth it. They are a really pretty metallic purple colour, only downside is the colour chips off really easily. 
After just a few days lots of the nails were very chipped, I did go to work with them on and they held up pretty well. I've been wearing them near enough a week now, and some of the nails are holding up a lot better than others, half of them are pretty dire. Other nails though look pretty good - its just a pity that so many of them look awful. 
These might be good for a one night event but if your hoping they last you a full week then you might be a little disappointed. 

Have you ever tried these nails? What are your favourite types to wear?  

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