Hello 2016

Hello 2016, its nice to see you. I hope everyone had a brilliant time celebrating the new years, and that your hangover wasn't too bad - my hangover was awful, luckily the boyfriend looked after me. 
For me personally, 2015 was an awful year - so I'm really looking forward to seeing what the new year hats offer. 
I wasn't sure if I wantwe to make resolutions or what ever this year, but I've decided that there's at least a few I'd like to keep.

See 4 new places.
Now this doesn't even have to be anywhere over seas this could literally be take a train up to St Andrews or through to Edinburgh to properly explore. I'm going to Rome in Februrary though so this one's already looking positive. 

Be healthier.
I'm not dedicating myself to the gym, I am however pushing myself to a healthier lifestyle. Better food and maybe some exercise thrown in for good measure. My body really got me down last year and I'm not wanting a repeat of that this year.

Be happier.
Lat year I was feeling down so much. I was constantly worrying about so many stupid and silly things. Of course some of the things I was worried about weren't stupid nor were they silly, but a lot of the things were. 2016 I'm going to make my year, I'm going to push myself to things I enjoy and take myself away from the things that being me down.

Happy New year everyone! 
Have you got any resolutions for this year? 

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