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I was a little behind in buying anything sales related, and definitely missed out on the Lush sale! I put an order in online for a few things as everything in my local store had sold out by the time I made it into town.
The first thing I decided on getting was the Merry Christmas gift box, I think it was about £9 or £10 and it comes with 5 things inside it: Peeping Santa; Lord of Misrule; Golden Wonder; Dashing Santa; and Cinders. The packaging of this is really nice too, and for the price I think it would have been too good to pass up. 
I've no idea why the picture above is so dull looking compared to the rest of them.... Never mind... I also got the Snow Fairy gift box, this comes with two items: Pink Fun and a bottle of Snow Fairy. I quite like Fun, its such a great wee product and gives great bubbles! 
The last gift box I got was the Santa's Belly gift. It also came with two products, Santa's Belly Shower Jelly and a Red Fun. I've got enough fun to last me a life time now! They both smell amazing though so I'm fair excited to use these. 
Can't do a Lush Christmas order without getting a couple of bottles of Snow Fairy. I think I've now got about 4 bottles of this - so it should last me a fair while now... 

Did you buy anything from the Lush sale? 

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