NARS Steven Klein Magnificent Obsession Lip Set

I'm not normally one for buying limited edition products or sets, but when I saw the NARS Steven Klein products I knew there was a fair few I'd own eventually. The NARS Steven Klein Magnificent Obsession is £29 and when I saw it online I knew I had to own it. 
 The packaging is pretty outstanding! I mean look at it - its so weird its cool! The NARS Steven Klein Magnificent Obsession set comes in this cool little box. I'm not sure on what other occasion I'll use this, but I think it might be quite cool to have this for travelling, who knows. 
The set comes with 3 lip products: a lip liner, lip pencil and lip stick. The Velvet Lip Liner comes in the shade Misdemeanor, the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is in the shade Mysterious Red and the Lipstick is in the shade Flamenco. Like with all NARS products they feel really luxurious in the hand and look amazing on the lips. 

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