Taffy Mail | January Box

Taffy Mail is such a cool concept for a subscription box, pick between 3 sizes of boxes and every month receive a number of American goodies! I picked the large box - so I get around 20 products every month. I do though pay £24.99 a month for this large box... But they do have cheaper options starting from £7.49, so I think next month I'll be changing my subscription just to save a wee bit of cash. 
These two grape flavoured products definitely were a couple of my favourite products of the whole box! Grape Tic Tacs should be a thing in the UK, they were so good! The Day's Grape Soda was also so so so good! Grape flavoured drinks are my favourite and I love the ones that Five Guys sell. I really wish that we had more grape flavoured drinks the the UK, I know B&M sell a really nice one though...
 These were all heavenly! Seriously - these are amazing! The M&M's chocolate bar was so good - us in the UK miss out on so many good sweets, the Milky Way was amazing, tastebuds were a dancing! And the Hershey's Krackel bar is great too - almost a bit like eating a rice crispy cake but in bar form. 
 Sour Patch Kids Extreme were actually really good - fairly sour too! I always like it when sour sweets actually are sour. So many aren't sour when they are meant to be - so I'm glad these are as sour as expected. The Moon Pie Bites were weird... They tasted a bit off if I'm being honest... A bit like whisky my brother thought... Odd anyways.
 I don't like peanut butter so the brother and the boyfriend got the Reese's and the Peanut Chews. I've yet to try the Wonka Nerds Giant Gumballs. 
 I'm not gonna lie, Whoppers are like a more rubbish version of a Malteeser. Nothing great... But the Oreo Brownie. OH BOY! This was amazing - so soft in the mouth and it literally just seemed to melt in the mouth! Give me more please!
 After my boyfriends description of the Warheads tasting like poo, I avoided trying them... You can understand why. The Fun Dip left my tongue green - but it tasted really nice. Chowards Lemon mints are really good actually - I've still a fair few of these left but, yah they are nice. 
The Crispy Wafer Spirals are fairly good, some of them don't allow you to suck up the milk but they are still tasty to eat none the less. My mum and her partner absolutely demolished the Snyder's Hot Buffalo Wing Pieces. I tried a few of them and they were really good so I can't blame them for eating them all. 

Have you tried American Sweets before? 

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