Top Make-up Products Of 2015

2015 didn't seem to last very long did it? Quite frankly I'm glad for it to be over as it really just wasn't my year, lots went wrong for me and it ended up being a very sad year for me. It wasn't all bad though, as not only did I meet my amazing boyfriend in 2015 I tried so many new things and am fairly happy now and hoping to be even happier in 2016. 
But today I thought that I'd share my top products of 2015! 
Foundation - For me I have to say that the Too Faced Born This Way is definitely the one that comes out on top for me. Its just everything I could ever ask for from a foundation: high coverage, great colour match for me and doesn't go flakey or patchy like some others that I've tried. 
Concealer - There's really only one concealer I use, I have others but from trying them they just haven't lived up to the high expectations that my favourite has set. My favourite really has to be the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint - its cheap, its high coverage and it lasts forever! Although its marketed as being an under eye concealer I use it for concealing everything and anything that could do with that little bit extra help. It is an amazing under eye concealer - but I also use it for covering redness, spots, cleaning up brows and around my lips after apply lipstick. Its an absolute dream of a concealer. 
Bronzer/ Contour - I've really only ever tried a handful of bronzers, but of al the ones I've tried NARS Laguna always comes out on top! I've had this bronzer for the longest time - I think about 2 years... - and although it is a bit of an investment (it certainly isn't cheap) you will most certainly get your moneys worth out of it! I've only just recently hit pan and there is still so much more use to get out of it. I think when you have that one product that you just love, its hard for anything else to top it. 
Highlight - The highlighter I've been loving this year is actually not branded, its made by a lovely girl who I originally found on Depop, but I think she now only is active on Instagram... Her instagram is here, and of her highlighters the one I have is Tinker, I've got this tiny tiny little pan of it and its lasted me so long, I'm needing to get a new one soon though so I'll be placing an order again with her soon. 
Brow Product - This one wasn't too easy to decide on my favourite for, I love the Benefit Gimmie Brow, but I figure mine has been empty for months and I've not yet repurchased it, so is it really my favourite? Probably not... My favourite is definitely Illamasqua's Precision Brow Gel. I'm pretty sure this is meant to be Illamasqua's version of the Anastasia Dip Brow, but obviously you can get to look at the colours and ask for help from the counter girls with the Illamasqua option. It is just a dream to use, and it doesn't seem like it plans on running out any time soon! 
Eye Liner - Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Pen - hands down, no question about it! I had won the Benefit Push up Liner and liked it a fair bit, but then I saw this in Boots and decided to give it a go, and fell in love with it. I find that is is so much easier to apply on myself than the Benefit one. It is a really black line too, it does take a bit of getting used to when your applying it, but once you get the hang of it, it looks great and doesn't budge once its set. 
Eye Shadow - This year I've been all about using the Urban Decay Basics Palette. The colours in it are so nice and really compliment each other, you can't make loads of looks with this but for daily wear the colours are perfect
Make-up Tool - BeautyBlender. Hands down the best thing I've used for applying foundation and concealer. I definitely want to buy another one, would save me needing to constantly clean it. I just feel that the BeautyBlender is 1000% better than the cheaper alternatives and is well worth the money. 

I left a few categories out, but thats just cause I genuinely couldn't think of anything to put for them or had too many favourites to list. 

What have you been loving make-up wise this year? 

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