What I Got For Christmas

I love these types of posts, and so do a fair amount of other people, we're all just nosey buggars by the looks of things... Because I am many other people seem to like these types of posts I thought that I'd do one myself, I'm not bragging just doing a post that I myself like to read. 
I am so grateful for everything I got, and I definitely didn't expect half of what I got. My mum just gave me money, she'd been having a hard time with her knee , and 4 days before Christmas went into hospital to have it replaced - she's basically a robot now - so I never expected anything from her. But she sent her partner (his names Peter btw) to the bank to get money for both myself and my younger brother (Scott). 
Peter, took me by surprise too though, and bought me a little charm for my Pandora bracelet. The one he got me was this lovely little air plane charm, he got me it because in 2016 I plan on travelling a fair bit, I've already got Rome coming up in a couple of months and plans of a summer holiday. My brother also gave me money, he didn't get paid till Christmas eve and the only thing I'd asked for was a little out of his budget (I'd asked him for a electric flosser, he said maybe.) 
My friend, Gemma, gave me so much stuff! The bag she brought it in was near enough over flowing and it was so heavy! She got me a few things from Beauticology, a couple of things from Nivea, some sweets and Bomb Cosmetics.  But I have to say my absolute favourite thing that she gave me is thus really cool picture of us! It even came wrapped in personalised wrapping paper! Its the most thoughtful and cool gift I've probably ever been given - its definitely the most unique gift I've been given, that's for sure! I've not yet figured out where I'll be putting it - I'm definitely needing to gut my room and get rid of a lot of the clutter I've got in there. 
My boyfriend and his family definitely spoiled me, I didn't expect even half of what I got from all of them! His sister gave me a Lush gift set, cause really what's Christmas without Lush? She also gave me the Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush, I love this stuff - you definitely can't have too much of it!
His mum got me so much - its not overly much but I honestly didnt expect anything, let alone what she gave me! She got me a few items of clothing from American Apparel, a Dove body set and a box of Mike and Ikes - which I've of course already eaten! I was nice though and shared them in work on Boxing day and the 27th. 
My boyfriend, Connor, completely spoiled me though! He got me so many things I wanted and apparently he didn't even look at my blog - he just went off things that I'd been talking about! Brownie points for him. He got me the new Urban Decay Vice 4 palette - it is such a stunning palette! I mean look at it - it has so many beautiful colours and I can't wait to start making looks with this! 
He also got me Zoeva brushes! OHMEGOSH! These brushes feel amazing and look so pretty, I'm definitely looking forward to giving these a proper good try! The set I've got has INSERT THE NAMES OF BRUSHES IN THE SET I'm so happy that he got these, but I didn't realise there was such a price difference when you buy them from Zoeva compared to when you buy them from Beauty Bay (beauty bay seems to work out to be cheaper by a fair bit btw....) 
Connor went above and beyond and got me a new lens for my camera, originally he got me the 50mm but hes sent it back and has got me the 24mm instead! This will definitely be coming with me to Rome.  
Another photography type thing he got me was a Soft Box, hopefully then my blog photos will step up a bit and maybe even get back into doing YouTube...? 
Last thing he gave me was these cute little bear shaped hand warmers, he got me these cause my hands are constantly freezing! I just end up stealing all his heat - poor boy. They are so handy to have though, especially for when I need to take my wee dog out at night when its freezing! 

What did you get this year for Christmas? Did you spoil your friends and family this year? 

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