Rome Beauty Haul | Sephora & Kiko

As soon as I booked to go to Rome, I knew I was going to be hitting up Sephora and Kiko. The poor boyfriend was dragged around 4 or 5 different shops before I decided I bought everything I wanted. 
I got a few Kiko things while in the main station, Termini - they had a Sephora too! Kiko in Italy is a little cheaper than it is in the UK - so I waited till I got to Rome before getting anything from them. I got their 3D Lifting Foundation - I got in in the lightest shade, I've yet to test it out but the colour looks pretty good for me. 
I also got a Rebel Bouncy Blusher in the shade Velvet Peach - it was on offer and looked pretty, couldn't say no to it! 
The last thing from Kiko I bought was one of the Water Eyeshadows, its in the shade 200 and looks stunning! 
Sephora is a place of dreams, I can only imagine how I'd feel in one of the American ones - one day I'll go and spend all my money!
Make-up wise there wasn't much that caught my eye - the skin care stuff on the other hand did. 
The first time I went into Sephora I tried a bit of the Bubble Mask on my hand and was amazed when it actually went bubbly - I don't know why I didn't expect it to bubble. I also got myself a Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water and cotton wool to go with it - I didn't actually realise the girl asked if I wanted cotton wool until I'd already said yes and it was too late. Oh well.  

 I went a bit mask crazy... They had face masks, over night masks, hand masks and lip masks - why don't we have that amount of masks? Connor bought me a few things too - he's a cutie pie.
I got myself an overnight Green Tea mask and a fibre green tea mask. I've yet to try any of these out, but all the masks cost 3.90 euros each - around £2.70. Not the cheapest masks around but I don't mind. 
I also got a Rose Lip Mask too - my lips are so dry now that they needed all the help they could get. 
 3 eye masks also found themselves in my basket, they seem really cool - and I'm interested to see if they do anything for my eyes, I got the honey; Rose and Pomegranate eye masks.
These last few things are some of the bits Connor was kind enough to buy for me. Shea lip mask, Pearl fibre mask and a Sephora brand cleanse gel.

Have you tried any of these products before? 

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