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I love taking photos: a good selfie; night out group pic; cute snap with the boyfriend; stunning holiday photos. I'll near enough take pictures of anything, printing them off and framing them or putting them in my scrapbook gives me so much joy - its unreal! 
I was recently given the chance to try some of the products from the lovely people at Cheerz. They sell a variety of products, from prints to posters magnets to framed prints. 
The first thing I got is the Cheerz Box £13, the box includes 30-45 prints - the prints are such high quality, better looking than some of the prints I've had from Snapfish! You can print from their website or via their app. The prints in the Cheerz box can be uploaded from your computer/ phone, Instagram and Facebook - all of which are housed in a decorative box, they have two style of boxes you can pick from. You can customise the pictures you choose by adding filters, borders and text to the photos. Since the box is only £13, it would make a great gift and they currently have options for mothers day gifts. I love this box, there are so many pictures in the box and it makes a great way to house a bunch of great memories. 
I also got a bunch of Big Prints £9, you can order between 10 and 20 prints and are great due to how big they are! They are a retro style print - meaning you get the polaroid look - but for a lot less! The pictures are 12.7x15.2 cm, thats pretty big! They look great on the wall since they are so big - again with these you can edit them, add filters borders and text to the pictures. These look so good and I can't wait to stick them up on my wall - maybe in some kind of decorative manner? 

If like me, you want to print off your photos, I'd highly recommend ordering from Cheerz! The prints are such high quality and such good value for money. If this is something you'd like to try, you can get £4 off your first order with the code SARMCWO, your order will need to be a value of £8 or more before discount. In honour of full disclosure, when you use this code I also get credit - just so your informed about it. 

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