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I don't smoke - tried it once was so sick the day after, but I know so many people that smoke, and so many of them struggle to quit. My brother smokes, all be it now mostly socially, he still smokes. He's tried vaping and its helped him cut back a tonne! The vaporiser he uses costs something crazy like £70-80, and so many people that are looking to stop probably couldn't justify that. Thats where Shoreditch* comes in! When they asked if I'd like to try one - or get one for someone I know to try, I decided it would be a good chance to see if Scott (thats my brother btw) could quit cigarettes all together, and eventually move away from vaping too. 
 Scott was given the choice of any three flavours he wanted and either one of their two pens. He picked Shoreditch One and the Gummybear, Bubblegum and Iced Strawberry liquids in the lowest nicotine they had (6mg) and the liquids are 10ml bottles. They have 21 flavours to pick from: Tobacco; Sweet; and Fruit flavours. They come in 3 different strengths: 6mg; 12mg and 18mg, enough option for you at all stages of quitting. Bottles are cheap at £3.33 with postage. 
The Shoreditch One pen comes in two bits that easily twist together, it also has a spare coil and a USB charging cable. Its a compact, sleek black design. He called it basic, but he means it in the nicest way possible! By basic - he thinks it wont draw lots of attention to you because its so slim and not in your face, unlike a massive blue thing he owns. 
For £19.99 he thinks its absolutely great value for money! The vape pen has a display screen that shows how much battery is left, and how many puffs you have taken! It's a smart little vape pen, and if your looking to quit smoking this is definitely the one for you. 
The E-liquids are great value for money, the smell and taste amazing also! 
If you're interested in trying vaping, Scott would recommend this one, or already do and would like some e-liquids you can get 3 10ml bottles for 99p inc postage by using the code SARAHM8500

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