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I've recently come back from Rome and I loved it! Only thing is - there's so much to see and do, and it can be overwhelming when trying to plan what to see for a weekend away. I was away for 5 days and didn't get as much done as I planned but we missed a fair bit due to losing our bags and had to go to the airport to sort it out. 
We still got loads done and I thought I'd pass on a few places I think are absolute must sees! 
The Colosseum is an obvious must see! I loved it and definitely thought it was the best thing we saw the whole week. We booked our tickets in advance, and I would 100% recommend you doing this too! It saves so much time, because unless you plan on going there pretty soon after it opens then you'll have quite the queue to wait in. 
I'd also recommend getting a tour, we booked the 3rd Ring and Underground tour - it was amazing and we got to see parts of the Colosseum that others didn't. Our tour guide was really informative and really brought the tour to life. 

 Trevi Fountain
The Trevi Fountain is another must see. It was so much bigger than we expected it to be - its absolutely huge! Its so pretty, it was nice just sitting next to it after we made our wishes. The only thing that ruins it is all the people trying to sell you things - a firm no though and they'll go away. 

Pope Audience/ Mass
If while your in Rome you can watch the Pope give an audience I'd highly recommend it! We saw one, or at least part of one! You need to arrive with plenty of time to spare, we came an hour early and we only just made it in - he had already started his speech, people went mad! 
I unfortunately didn't get a picture of him, boo, but included a few from the same day. 

Churches are free and full of culture. We didn't have time to go to St. Peters Basilica but we would have loved to have been able to. We instead visited 3 churches (only two are shown here). The Arcibasilica San Giovanni is stunning - you absolutely must see it! It houses the papal throne - only the pope may reside here. I'd also highly recommend you visiting Basilica of San Clemente al Laterano. They have a first century church under the modern one - its all fairly cool! 

There are obviously so many places you can see but these are just a few I think you must visit!  

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