Sephora | Bubble Mask Review

 Another of my many Rome Sephora purchases - and its another mask. This stuff baffled me when I first tried it. Don't know why I wouldn't have thought it was going to be bubbly, but when I tried this on the back of my hand I was so surprised to see it was all bubbly on the back of my hand! Intrigued though - hence it ending up in my basket.  
It suits all skin types and feels really nice on the skin. Weird but nice. Its definitely not like anything I've ever tired before - once it bubbles you rub it in and wash it off. I loved using this and I'm so glad its not just a one use kind of thing! It claims to brighten the skin, removing impurities and pollution from the skin. Its got white tea extract and vitamin E that protect the skin.
When you first apply it, its a gel like consistency. After a minute or two, it foams up. You can rub the foam off and if theres enough of a gel under it then it'll foam again. Once you wash it off your skin feels super clean, and so so so soft! 
This is honestly like nothing I've ever tried before - I don't know if the UK has anything like this, if not and you can get your hands on this I'd definitely recommend you giving it a go!  

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