Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette | Review

For Christmas I was lucky enough to be given the Urban Decay Vice 4- I'd been lusting after this since it came out and was so happy - and surprised the boyfriend knew to get me it!
Packaging wise - just look at it, it's beautiful. The different colours on the top look stunning - the colours work really well together on the front - it has a huuuuge mirror inside it too, great for if you need to do your makeup on the go. 
I've played around with it a fair bit now so thought it was the best time to review it - I've still so many colours to incorporate into a look but I think having played around with some of the colours I had a good enough idea on the quality of the palette. All the shades in this palette are new and limited edition to the palette, so its good to know you wont have doubles of these in any other Urban Decay palette. 

Colour wise - you have near enough all colour bases covered, from neutrals to brights you pretty much have it all. Greens, blues, purples, pinks and even a lovely orange!
The first column of the palette is more filled with the base shades and neutrals. From left to right the colours are:
Bones - This shade is a light beige colour and has a slight pearl-y sheen to it. Its not the most opaque colour in the palette but as a base shadow its great or even as a transition shadow. Its really soft and buttery in consistency and is really easily blended. 
Framed - Is a very light peachy shade with a matte finish. A really ideal base shadow shade. The shadow is really soft and silky and just like Bones, blends really well. Colour pay off wise, its much better than Bones, to get an opaque colour you don't need much. 
Discrete - This shade is a really pretty mauve-y colour, it's got a matte finish and would make a great base or (I think) transition colour if you were going for a burgundy eye look.  
Bitter - Is a matte red toned brown, I'd say it looks a bit rusty in colour - the colour pay off on this is really good, you'd easily be able to build up the colour on this for a brighter more vibrant look.  
Grip - Grip is a matte taupe shade, its a lot sheerer than the rest of the palette is, but as a base or transition shade it works well. You could easily build this colour up if you wanted a more intense shade.
Fast-ball - This shade I'd say is a coral/ pink with small bits of glitter. The colour is really opaque and was so buttery soft.
Grasshopper - Grasshopper is an emerald green shadow with a frosted sheen. It blends really well and with a light hand can be quite a sheer colour but easily buildable to a vibrant green.
Flame - This is a bright orange shade with gold glitter running through it! Its grittier feeling than the rest of the shadow but thats just down to the amount of glitter in it. It did have a fair bit of fall out as well - but again due to the amount of glitter. Take time to pack it on and expect to have to tidy up after it. 
Deadbeat - Deadbeat is a black satin shade with small bits of glitter running through it. The shadow has a little bit of fall out, but if you use a really soft hand and pat it onto the lid then fall out should be minimal. 
1985 - 1985 is a great shade, its a bright fuchsia with cool purple undertones and a frosted finish. Its got great pigmentation and is buttery soft. Because its so buttery fall out doesnt seem to be much of an issue which is great! It's also really really opaque, colour pay off is great. 
C-Note - Is a frosted green shade, the colour pay off for this is actually really good. It blends pretty well too. I'd love to find some way to incorporate this shade into an eye look because the colour really is stunning!
Low - Low is a matte brown shade with a little glitter mixed through it. Its fairly opaque, although the glitter is fairly subtle. 
Beat Down - This is described as being a "deep metallic violet with blue micro glitter", in the pan it does look fairly purple but swatched I think it looks more blue toned. 
Underhand - Is a medium to dark plum shade with a frosted finish. This burgundy shade is really buttery soft consistency - you don't need much though to get a good colour pay off so use a light hand.  
Arctic - Arctic is a bright teal, with a metallic sheen and a little sparkle through it. Its soft and buttery with great colour pay off.
Crowbar - I'd say this shade is an olive green, mixed with gold glitter and black. The formulation of this wasn't as good as the others. It was drier and had a lot of fall out. It makes for a good smokey eye though, so if you spend the time cleaning up after the fall out you'll get a good colour from this. 
Pandemonium - This shade is a metallic plum with a frosted finish and a slight pink sparkle. I love this shade and really want to make a look with these 4 shades.
Harlot - Harlot is a metallic lilac shade, colour pay off for this is really really good with this shade. Its super soft and buttery too, and blends so well! 
Robbery - This is a fairly dark taupe shade with a frosted sheen to it. Colour pay off for this shade is great, and it blended so easily. 
Delete -  Delete is a dark matte brown shade. It blends really well and colour pay off is great for this shade. 
Have you tried this palette? What did you think of it? 

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