Glitter Injections | Competition Wins

Winner winner chicken dinner. I've not won anything for a very long time, and was fair chuffed when I found out I'd won these. 
I honestly didn't know what I was getting when I won these - and if I'm honest I'd have much rather it was more pressed glitters rather than the injection. 
The four glitter injections I got were: Minty Mojito, this is a pale almost icy blue shade; Paradise, this is a navy blue shade with gold running through it; Mary Jane, this is a emerald green with what looks like flecks of black and gold running through it; the final shade is Pink Coral this is most definitely a gold with pink running through it - I think its definitely more of a gold than a pink.
The only pressed glitter I got was the 100K one, this is a really stunning gold shade - full review and swatches will come in a later post, don't you worry. 
They included some glitter glue in the pack - its not overly wet but seems to dry quickly but not too quickly so you do have some work time. There's also a small sample vial of one of the glitters but I'm not entirely certain of which one it is. 
I quite fancy getting myself more of the pressed glitters cause they seem crazy good! 
Have you tried these glitters before? 

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