A Week In Turkey | Photo Diary

Holiday blues are kicking in hard, it doesn't help that I've just come back from the most amazing week in Turkey. Connor (the boyfriend) and I booked a few months ago to all inclusive to a 5 star resort in Fethiye, Turkey. We got an amazing deal for it, and I really wish we had booked for longer as a week just didn't feel like long enough. 
We stayed in the Barut Sensatori Resort Fethiye, its a 45 minute drive from the airport and while we were there the weather was amazing - it was only cloudy the second day we were there. We were glad of the cloudy day though as it meant we could visit the markets without dying in the heat! The weather was great though, mid to high 30's most of the time. Even a couple of days it went into 40 degrees - maybe even a little too hot! 
The resort was amazing - you could have done as much or as little as you liked! I think if when we go back I'll go Paragliding and maybe even scuba diving! We did go to Mud Baths and Sulphur pools and saw Lycan Ruins before seeing turtles and chilling on the beach! The resort itself had a beach, which turtles had laid their eggs on, there were loads of bars, 2 outdoor pools, and so many places to eat! 
Out of the 6 restaurants that were on the resort we tried four of them - the other two you had to pay to use but even still they only cost something like £15 each! I could literally talk about the hotel all day but I'll stop now. I'd 100% recommend visiting Turkey and especially recommend the hotel we stayed in. But now heres to the pictures! 
  Holiday blues are a real thing, can you blame me though - especially when the place was this nice!

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