Carry On Must Haves

I've been travelling a lot more recently, and because of this I've managed to make the most out of my carry on baggage. 
If your flight involves a stop, I'd recommend being a little extra cautious as theres a chance the airline might not transfer your bags to the next plane - been there done that and being without a bag for two days was a nightmare! No change of clothes nothing - so I'd therefore recommend you take a change of underwear at the very least and your toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste. If you do then at least if you're waiting on your bags finding their way back to you, at least you wont feel gross or have to go searching for the essentials while your there. With that out the way, now onto the things I'd recommend taking with you no matter where your going.  
I tend to take my backpack with me when I go abroad - its easy to carry and it holds a lot in it. Books are a must to take - when I went to Rome I just took the one, but when I went to Turkey I took three with me as I knew one book just wouldn't be enough! I always read more on holiday and what better place to read than on a plane where you cant do anything for hours on end. My longest flight was 4.5 hours, so its by no means the longest flight thats ever been taken. Along with something to read - I like to have something to listen to, so thats where my phone and a good pair of headphones come in handy. The headphones I have are just the LG ones that came with my phone - they're surprisingly good! I made an offline playlist for spotify before going away, having to purchase spotify premium was a bit of a pain but if I'd have downloaded music in advance then I wouldn't have had that problem. 
If I had a tablet or a small laptop (eg a 2 in 1 laptop or a macbook) then I'd probably take that with me too - Connor took a tablet with him to Turkey and he plans on buying an Ipad for our future holidays. I always carry my camera in my hand luggage too - I like to know its safe with me and not being thrown around in my hold luggage. 
In the way of skin care and beauty products I really don't take much - and what I do take I house in a little clear pouch that I got from M&S last year. I always take a lip balm, hand cream and a mini hand sanitiser with me - along side these I keep my portable charger, hair grips and a bobble just in case I want to throw my hair up out of my face. 
Obviously I take my passport, boarding passes ect in my hand luggage - my passport is housed in this little case from Paperchase, and while in Turkey I kept all our travel documents in poly pockets, but I think a much nicer way of housing them is needed. 
My next trip away is to Paris just after my birthday - I'm super psyched to go, so many things to see and places to eat! 

What are your carry on must haves? 

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