Highlighting Heaven | The Highlight Queen That Broke The Internet

If your a beauty junkie or even an enthusiast, you'll love a good highlighter. And if you've been on near enough any social media recently you'll have seen the absolutely stunning and super lovely Nosheen - but you'll most likely know her as Beautyby.nk
I've been following her for at least a couple of years now, and have bought from her a few times now. Nosheen makes all her highlighters by hand herself, and has more than just a few shades in her line up. I adore her highlighters, Tinker is a particular favourite of mine, but Gatsby, oh my oh my is also so so SO stunning!
And I'm certainly not the only one to think so, as she now has over 130 THOUSAND followers on her instagram. Her most recent restock sold out in under five minutes with more still wanting to get their hands on her highlighters. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple before she blew up online! 
The shades are amazing, they wear like a dream. So creamy super blendable, and oh so glowy!! 

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