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When it comes to how people track their holidays, everyone is different, some don't bother with souvenirs at all other - myself included - enjoy bringing back things for myself and others. 
Every time I've been abroad I've bought myself a snow globe, that's definitely the thing that I'm looking to collect each time I go and I'll be definitely be adding to the collection whilst in Paris! I think my favourite one so far is the one I got from Nessebar in Bulgaria - the one in Rome wasn't of the best quality but I definitely don't think I've spent anymore than £10 on one so its not a huge loss and is a cute and cool way to show places I've been. 
Whilst in Bulgaria I also got a cool little photo set, I saw something similar in Rome but it was a little pricey so I avoided getting them. But I think some kind of photograph bought from the place of interest is a cool souvenir to get. 
I always get my mum some things as well, for her I seem to have decided on cool little ornaments, pot styled ones seem to be the ones I go for most. When I went to Rome I got this St Peters one for my mum, a Colosseum for my gran and my brother challenged me to get a leaning tower of Pisa for him - which I was surprised to actually manage. 
I also get my mum, gran and auntie magnets - they're small cute and cheap, easy to collect and don't brake the bank. 
I don't have a picture of the things I give my gran, but I always bring her back little decorative plates. They are really lovely and shes always so chuffed with the ones I manage to find her - I always hold off as long as possible to get her one so I know I'm buying the nicest one I can find, I'd be gutted if I couldn't find really pretty ones but so far that's not happened. 
I think an absolute must have way of keeping memories alive is to print pictures - either for framing, displaying or putting in an album. I've been printing photos and adding them to my scrapbook for almost a year now, a couple more holidays and a birthday and I'll definitely be needing a new one! For pretty albums I love looking on Paperchase, thats where my current album is from, unfortunately I don't think they sell the one I have but I'd love to get another travel inspired album for future pictures. 
Do you buy anything whilst on holidays or do you like to keep memories alive any other way? 

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