New Years Resolutions - 7ish months on

I've been a bit of a rubbish blogger recently, sorry about that. Life happened and took priority over blogging. Good news though! It was all worth it as not only did I pass my resit uni year - hello 3rd year - I also passed my theory test and bought a car! Cant quite drive it on my own yet but fingers crossed for a cancellation so i can get driving soon!
Today's post i thought would be a kind of half way point for my new years resolutions. I only had 3: see 4 new places; be happier; and be healthier. Pretty easy things to do, and i think so far I'm managing them pretty well.
See 4 new places. This one is going very well, Ive been to Rome this year and I'm just back from an amazing (and very hot) week away in Turkey. So thats 2 down 2 to go! I'm hoping to go away for my 21st in August, Paris or Venice maybe... Which means to reach my goal I'll only have 1 place - abroad or somewhere new in the UK - to do for the remaining 4 months. There has been talk of a work holiday somewhere and also a long weekend to Germany for Christmas markets and football... I see no reason why i can't make my goal.
Be happier. The start of the year was really stressful for me. Actually, up until i found out I had passed my exams was really stressful for me. But since then ive felt so much more at ease. I think the holidaus have helped my feelings of happiness too though. Before both holidays this year ive found out ive passed exams. I never thought I'd be the kind of person that would cry for passing their exams but i did. I cried in work like a massive baby cause i was so happy. One step closer to my degree and youve no idea how happy that makes me.
Be healthier. This one is been trying so hard to do. Gym happened for about 2 months, but then flopped. I habe lost a wee bit of weight though - and I think my diet had a lot to do with that: I cut out snacking, I ate less pasta and pizza and more salmon and stuff like that. I've still some way to go, but my health and body image will have a big impact on my happiness.

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