21st Birthday Wishlist

21, oh where have the years gone? I'm actually really excited for my birthday, it'll be my first night out in ages - I get to have a night out with all my friends, then a few days later I go off to Paris! I honestly don't really know what I'd like for my birthday but here's a few things I've been eyeing up recently.
So, a while ago I saw the most perfect bag. I've a mint obsession, and this time it's manifesting itself in this Michael Kors Bag. Unfortunately its only available on the American site, but luckily my friends going over soon so fingers crossed they have space in their suitcase for me. 

I've been wanting a Fujifilm Instax Mini for the longest time, I'd love to get one and take it to Paris with me. They're fairly expensive which is a bit of a pain but they make for really cute pictures. 

Keeping on the photography line, I'd adore a more compact camera. Don't get me wrong I adore my DSLR but for taking travelling I'm finding it a little too big. Samsung NX Mini looks to be the perfect size for travelling, I'd like to start travelling vlogging and it seems perfect. The Canon G7X looks to be amazing too but its a wee bitty too expensive, Sony also do a camera with a flip screen that looks to be quite good for travel.

I quite fancy a new charm for my bracelet. Either a travel related one like this or a cuter type, I'm pretty sure I saw a lovely heart one the other day but I can't see it online now... 

I'd really like a pair of Chelsea boots - I've seen a few pairs on ASOS that look quite nice and I'm pretty sure that Office have a fair few really nice ones!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Palette looks stunning and the amount of looks I've seen made with this is unreal. I'm pretty certain its sold out near enough everywhere which is a bit of a shame but hay ho, it'll be back in stock again. 

I'm really struggling to find some sort outfit for my birthday night out, I've seen a couple but a new bra will be a must for near enough all of them. I've seen this one from AX Paris that looks quite nice and this one from Boohoo, the colour of this one looks stunning hopefully it looks just like it does in the picture. 

If you've any lovely dress ideas I'd love to hear them as I've no clues. 

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