Add Some Sparkle To Your Keys | Fiat 500 Key Covers

Before I even bought my car I'd seen the most amazing key covers that I fell in love with instantly! The amazing girl behind Sparkle With Emily had given me all kinds of heart eyes and I know that when I bought my car I'd be buying one of her amazing covers. 
A few months ago when I finally took myself down to Arnold Clark to buy my car - a beautiful mint Fiat 500 - I near enough instantly emailed Emily asking about prices and designs. I'd scrolled through her page enough times to know near enough exactly what I wanted - I showed her the pictures that I liked and she was happy to help me, two weeks later I had my beautiful case! 
The cover was honestly so well priced and is made to such a high standard - she also included extra gems just in case any fell off. Also if your case gets in bad shape you can send it to her for a complete overhaul. 
Sparkly case + fluffy ball = girls dream car keys. What do you think of these cases? Cute or tacky? I personally adore mine more than anything else and I'm never one for tacky things. 

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