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I really wasn't sure what I'd make of this - but from as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to try it. When I managed to finally get hold of one from a friend that visited Las Vegas I was so excited to try it out - was it just a gimmick or did it actually do what it was meant to.
First time using it I made a double wing - it actually turned out really well, I almost suprised myself with how well it turned out. Beginners luck? Maybe... 
It costs around $16 on Sephora - approx. £12 or there abouts. Now for what is essentially a reusable version of tape trick, its a little on the pricey side. I never managed to the get tape trick to work for me so this is already - personally - better.  
So I've tried the double flick liner twice now and both times its turned out fairly well - when I've tried to do just a simple flick though its went a little pear shaped, so I've had success and failures. 
Ok. So the liner.designer itself is housed in a small potable little case, the case comes with a sucker pad - I assume so you can stick it to a mirror as you do your liner? The liner.designer is a small pink rubbery triangle shaped device. Such a horrific description I know, but its an ovalish triangle. It's got one straight edge and two rounded edges, it seems like for all liner looks you just use the straight edge, but the rounded edges could be used to make a much more rounded flick. The liner.designer can also be used as a mascara shield and to line the lips perfectly. Its meant to stick to your face by itself, but when I've used it myself I've needed to hold it down as it tends to fall off otherwise. I might try giving it a wipe and see if that helps it stick on. 
If I'm completely honest, I'm of two minds about this... I know for a fact I wouldn't find it this easy to do a double flick like this, but for £10 (£15 from some sites) is it worth it? If you struggle to do eyeliner flicks of any type this might be really helpful for you, if you're a liner pro then this wouldn't be necessary for you to buy at all. I do quite like it, and I think with a fair bit of practice there would be a lot of different looks you can do with this. 
You can get this in the UK now for £10 from Selfridges - Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay also sell it but for £15. 
Have you tried this? What do you think of things like this? 

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