Pole Fitness | My experience

Staying fit is hard work, but its so much easier to exercise if what your doing is fun! I decided to do a pole fitness class and see how I got on. After trying stretch classes with Suzi i decided on joining her pole fitness place - West end Pole
Myself and a friend from work went along for the 4 week absolute beginners classes. The classes are small, so you get the best experience and our whole time there was just me and my friend in the class.
The classes were so much fun, but dont get me wrong they were challenging! My body hurt in places I didn't think it was possible to hurt on. Work the day after my first class was a challenge. I genuinely really enjoyed the 4 weeks i spent at West End Pole, I've done moves I didn't think my body was capable of doing and I've been suprised at what i can do. 
Its the most fun ive ever had whilst exercising and I'm really hoping that after university starts back I'll be able to go along to more classes. 

Have you ever tried pole fitness? What do you think of it? Is it something you would try? 

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