Blog Swap | USA to UK

I've done blog swaps before and I've actually already done a swap with Rena before - so last year we decided to do another. Various reasons meant this didn't happen sooner but better late than ever though! 
I tried filming the swap but a bunch of footage got corrupted, argh! But I thought I would do a little post showing some of the things I got - as more likely than not there will be some posts reviewing some of what I got. 
The box came very well packaged, and was in three layers- the top two were items Rena picked for me and the bottom layer was things I'd bought and had sent to her house (more on this in another post).
There was a fair amount of lip products in the box, a few lovely wet n wild colours that I'm excited to try, and the apricot Burts Bees Lip Shimmer looks amazing. 
SO MUCH EYE STUFF. Who knew Maybelline sold Colour Tattoo Crayons? The Wet n Wild palette looks lovely too, the colours look really pretty. The Wet n Wild liner has some glitter in it and I really really hope its a fair bit of noticeable glitter. I've so much to try out and I'm super excited. 
Final things are face products. KAT VON D! Hole-crap. This blush is hugeeee, and it looks so pretty, so many heart eyes. The Maybelline Fit Me concealer is the best concealer I've tried, the UK version of this is definitely not as good as the US version though, so I love when I can get my little mitts on the US one. 
I'll be testing these products out over the next few months, if theres anything you'd like to see a review on let me know and I'll be extra sure to review that for you! 

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