The Paris Diaries | #2 Disneyland Paris

I miss Disneyland so much. I cried here once and tears were very nearly shed on another occasion. As soon as we got there I be lined for the shops and bought myself Minnie ears, a autograph book -yes I'm 21 but no that does not make me too old to ask the characters for their autographs -and a pen to go with it. Minnie was near the shop we went into and so we waited. And we waited. And waited some more. And an hour and a half later we met Minnie Mouse! The wait was well worth it. I don't even care how stupid that sounds, but it was a childhood/adult dream some true. 
Selfie with Minnie MouseMeeting Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Meet and Greet with minnie mouse
Next up we planned on hitting up some rides but I got side tracked, by the one the only GOOFY! The line for meeting him wasn't that long, he did go away for a small break but even still we must have only waited at most half an hour. He was well worth the wait, he acted so well with everyone he was with, and Connor was super chuffed with meeting his favourite character. 
After meeting Goofy we went off to go on some of the rides, making our way over to Discoveryland first. We had lunch in Cafe Hyperion, both of us opting for a Jedi burger. The burger was actually really good and the price was pretty good too! They cost around 14 Euros and along with the burger you got fries, a drink and a dessert too - I got a Yoda cupcake, it was super good! We rode Space Mountain a few times and went on the Buzz Lightyear ride, I was rubbish at it getting a score that was less than half that of Connors. 
Moving onto the other areas, we went on rides in Adventureland before then waiting for the Parade to start. The Indiana Jones ride was great and I wish we had gone on it more times than we did cause it was brilliant! The Parade gave me so much joy that I near enough cried whilst watching it - oh the pure joy!
LOOK AT HOW CUTE EEYORE IS! I love Eeyore he was always my favourite when I was younger and I really regret not getting a cuddley Eeyore toy whilst away. I got a lot more footage of the parade than I did pictures, so keep an eye out cause a Disney vlog should be on the way! 
Right after the parade we went off to Meet Mickey as the wait time was around 20 minutes - if your planning on going you should definitely download yourself the Chronopass app, it was so handy for knowing what rides or character meets had long queues. 
The Mickey character meet was so good, the pictures from it turned out really well too - I wish I'd had a look at the ones they took too so I could have had an even nicer looking one too. I'm pretty sure by this point in the day we had been up for 9 or 10 hours, and from both our faces you could see that we were tired and very hot and sweaty.
We then made our way over to Walt Disney Studios Park. We looked in some of the stores first - I was on the hunt for a particular pin as well, but so far I'd had no luck. 
We went on Tower of Terror and I freaked out big time. As soon as it was too late to turn back I freaked out and decided I wanted off. To the point that when the ride got to the top I started to cry. Connor tried to hold my hand but I had an iron grip on the little handles next to my seat. I legit have never felt so scared and out of control as I did on that ride, I felt sick and was shaking when I came off. It was horrible. Connor wanted to go on again but I wasn't having it. Maybe next time Connor, maybe. 
We then went to go see the wait times for Crush's Coaster and a couple other rides but they had over an hours wait on them and the park was meant to be closing in an hour. So we went off to get on the Rock n Roller Coaster. IT WAS AMAZING! We went on it a few times and each time I laughed more and more like a maniac...
We then left Walt Disney Studios and went to get some food. We ate in the sports bar just for quickness. It wasn't the best value for money place - we definitely could have gone to Cafe Mickey, it wasn't crazy expensive either. I think if we hadn't have already met Mickey, Minnie and Goofy then we would definitely have gone there. 
Before heading back into the park we looked in more of the stores, they've started to get the nicest Christmas decorations in. I also had one last look for the pins that I wanted and managed to find them! Connor had said he would buy me it as a little extra something for my birthday. There was also a Minnie and Mickey mug set that I sooo regret not buying as they were so pretty! Theres always next time - and trust me, next time I'll be getting so much more from Disney! 

Theres still a couple days left of Paris posts! Keep your eyes peeled! 

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