The Paris Diaries | Day 3 Pantheon, Norte Dame & Louvre

After some what of a long lie, we started our day with the metro heading towards the Pantheon. 
The Pantheon was an interesting bit of history, we opted to get an audio guide so we could learn a bit more, many a famous person had been buried here; Victor Hugo, Marie Currie and her husband. Next we walked towards Notre Dame, we got some pastries on our way and had a little stop off in the Luxembourg Gardens.
The Luxembourg gardens were so pretty, like if Glasgow parks were taken care of just that little bit more they could be just as pretty, but alas. After a little rest we continued on our way to Notre Dame. 
Notre Dame was beautiful both inside and out. It was very grand and regal, and I don't think we waited much more than 15 minutes to get into the cathedral itself.   The windows inside as well were crazy beautiful. The purples and blues were stunning.
 We also decided to go up the towers - of which were also free for us (18-24 yrs and a EU member country perks). My lord the stairs! If you have difficulty getting up or down stairs or struggle to walk after long periods of time then I'd highly advise you against this. I struggled so much to get up the stairs, it was hot and my whole body hurt. The views at the top were well worth it though. The architecture all the way up was really cool too and seeing the gargoyles up close was really cool! 
 After going up the towers we sat in the square outside Norte Dame for a bit, rest our poor wee legs a bit... After our wee rest we looked up how to get to the Louvre from where we were and off we went. We stopped at some of the market stall type things that lined the river Seine. Connor liked the look of all the prints they had, so we bought a few: one for me; one for Connors mum; and one for my gran. Hopefully I'll get mine framed so it looks good on the wall. I also got my gran a little decorative plate from one of the stalls, when I gave her it the other day she was so happy with it, adding it to her little collection on the mantle place.
We sat outside the pyramids for a little while, chilling out and taking in the views before we went inside - there was legit no queue to get in which was great! Connor tried taking one of the classic holding the pyramid pictures, it didn't go 100% as planned but it doesn't look horrendous. 
It was such a warm day that people were literally walking in the fountains and others were just dipping their feet in. Connor was close to putting his toes in but decided against it when he decided he couldn't dry his feet off.  
The inside of the Louvre was spectacular. Napoleon's apartments were so grand, I love places like this. Old fashioned styled houses, English castles and houses I could genuinely spend hours walking around and here was no different. 

While wandering around the Louvre, I legit grabbed Connor and squealed with excitement when I saw there was an Angelina's. We stopped here for a little while and had the best hot chocolate I've ever tried! It was amazingly thick and so so so good. I drool when I think about it, no joke. It wasn't cheap but it was completely worth it! We then went in search of the Mona Lisa, the famous painting that everyone knows about. 
We honestly came across the Mona Lisa by complete accident, you'd have never known the painting was there because there was not a huge crowd around it like we both thought there would be. Mona Lisa isn't a huge painting, but the wall she is on is huuuuge, maybe that makes the painting itself look smaller? Both Connor and I thought it was nothing special and that there were much more visually stunning paintings on display in the Louvre. 

Our day ended here, and we just headed home after this. We did go into a nearby supermarket to get something for dinner before getting the metro but nothing exciting. The next Paris post will be the second last of my Paris Diaries! 

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